When it comes to headphones and ear-buds, I take buying a pair of them very seriously. During any given week I look to music about 50% of the time, so having a excellent pair of headphones or ear-buds is very important to me. And I’m not just talking sounding good, these products have to look good as well. It would be G Style any other way! I recently came across these ear-buds called JBuds the J5M from JLab and decided let’s give it a good.


First and foremost I have to check out the look of these JBuds, it is starts off ugly I’m not even going to give it a second or further look. The J5M didn’t have this issue, coming in a variety of colors, I’m sure you’ll find a color combination that suits you. I right off the back was drawn to the Royal Blue and Black (They call it Electric Blue/Black) combination as well, that is my favorite color combination! Right off the back it would be very hard for me to resist these with that color combination. Other colors include Black Pearl, Graphite, Plum Purple, Pink Lemonade, Sneakerhead, and Blue Steel. The J5Ms have a simple ear-bud design with just the J5 on the sides, the real appeal is in its color combination.


Here is where the J5Ms surprised me. I put a picture of them on Instagram and a few people who has used the brand before said they were good for the price (The J5M has a sales price of $34.95 listed on their website), but not to expect too much. However the sound quality was a lot better than I expected. Not to say it goes toe to toe with ear-buds in the higher price range, but the J5M had some great sound all around. I especially love the bass response from these ear-buds. I’m a bass lover, so if you have that among the rest sounding nice, crispy, and clear then I’m happy!


I have no real complain about these ear-buds. At a cost of $34.95 (sales price listed on their website), these make for a great quick grab pair of ear-buds. My only complain happens to be one I have with many ear-buds and that would be sometimes having an issue with it actually staying in my ear. Other than that, these are a great pair of ear-buds. I mad be a little bias to them though, because they came in Royal Blue and Black which again are my favorite color, but hey that is what adds to the appeal. They are in Royal Blue and Black, they look hot to me! Honestly they do sounds good, so it isn’t complete bias towards just the color.

So if you are in need of some ear-buds in a hurry, and don’t want to shell out an arm and a leg, you wouldn’t go wrong with a pair of J5Ms!

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