As you know Nintendo has announced at Batman title for the Wii U called ” Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition”. The questions that were being asked was; “Why would I buy this game?” “What could the Wii U controller possible do that would make it different?”

Today I was given the opportunity to get some hands on time with the game. I will tell you the new key features the game has a long as how the GamePad comes into play.

Key Features

– Battle Armored Tech Mode (B.A.T. Mode): A new upgrade battle suite for both Batman and Catwoman gives players an additional power-up by allowing them to build up kinetic energy during combat. When activated, Batman enters B.A.T. mode, where deals out more damage and has a high-tend sense of enemy locations. The meter was on my right side and when it got full I can either press down on both joysticks or I can touch the icon on the screen to have batman enter this mode. Now when the meter is about to run out you will here a beeping letting you know B.A.T. mode is almost over.

-Wii U GamePad Functionality: The GamePad touch screen allows players to truly feel like you are Batman, with the newly designed, wrist mounted Batcomputer. Players can select their gadgets, track evidence, upgrade gear, set detonate explosive gel, and more, all without leaving the game. While looking for the bullet (The scene with Two-Face) I held up the GamePad and scaned the room by moving the Gamepad, (you can also do it the classic way with the joysticks) when I found the bullet I would hold press my finger on the icon on the screen.

-Re-imagined Gadgets: All gadgets have been Re-imagined to utilize the power of the GamePad. For example, players can now use the new Sonar mode that enables Batman to quickly probe his surrounding to develop the tactics needed for success. Players can then select customize and equip their preferred gadget layout, as well as access a real-time map of Gotham without leaving the action of the game. The new controller also allows for an unprecedented level of accuracy when using the Batarang and scanning clues.

Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition comes with all previously DLC: Harley Quinn’s Revenge Pack, Catwoman Pack, Nightwing Bundle Pack, Robin Bundle Pack, Challenge Map Pack and Arkham City skins Pack. The new features on the game made me feel like I was actually Batman, the control’s on the GamePad where smooth and responsive. I also was playing the game on just the GamePad and the graphics are amazing, the Wii U GamePad does take time getting use to, but with all the new features on this game I doubt you would want to pass on this game.

Release Date: Holiday 2012
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Developer: WB Games Montreal

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