If you read the previous post on the Cygnett Vector Tough Case for the iPhone 5, then you know that it is a stylish, fairly thin case for it that also provides a very good amount of protection. However if you need something even more heavy duty than that, Cygnett also has you covered with its popular WorkMate line of tough cases. The WorkMate is their heavy duty tough case similar to what you might see with Otter cases, but with more style and less bulk.

The WorkMate case that Cygnett sent me is the one pictured here called the Khaki WorkMate, but it’s more of an olive green/black color combination. It’s a very manly color and because of this, I don’t think this case would appeal to many women. Even the other color, which is a slate blue/black would not really appeal to women. But for men, these are almost perfect color alternatives to just basic black. If you have a white iPhone 5 though, the colors don’t quite match up.

As a heavy duty case, I absolutely love the protection it provides. It’s basically a case that provides 2 layers of protection. The inner layer is made of a shock absorbent, rubber material that helps cushion the phone from drops and accidental impacts. The outer later is a hard polycarbonate shell with a soft touch finish. They can be separated for installation, but I found that that wasn’t necessary and it was easy enough to install on my iPhone 5 without the need to take it apart. Once on, it provides a very snug fit. With rubber/silicone type cases, I’ve always hated the way they fit because they always seem really loose and flap around at the edges. With the WorkMate, the rubber inner lining is very snug and form fitting. On combination with the outer shell, the whole case fits like a glove. It provides complete protection and even covers up the sleep/wake button and the volume buttons with no hindrance to its functions.

There was only 1 issue I had with the Workmate case. The rubber lining they use on the case is a serious lint magnet. If you carry your phone in your pocket, be prepared to clean the lint off the case very often. I found myself constantly cleaning it. Since the lining is black, you can see every speck of lint on it. This doesn’t affect the functionality of the case or the ruggedness, but it may bother those who like to keep their phone and case looking pretty.

Other than that, I love this case. It is my favorite of the tough cases I’ve used so far and is definitely a case I’ll be using often for situations that require an extra layer of protection for my phone. The Cygnett WorkMate is available from Cygnett for $24.99 and can be purchased in 2 different color schemes – Slate Blue and Khaki. They also include a front screen protector for your convenience. You can also purchase them from the links below.

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