Independent short films, sometimes don’t get the exposure they should in the mainstream world of film. Luckily there are festivals where these independent screenwriters can showcase their work and be awarded for their short stories. New York is about to host its annual Independent Film Festival, upon which I will be attending, and I got a firsthand look at one of this years entries. The story revolves around a woman (Anna Konkle), who gets a call from a stranger (Christopher Schram) in the middle of the night asking her to help save his life. He tells her that if she can solve his riddle, she will be successful in him not having his life end in the next 30 minutes. The clock is ticking.

I thought this film was well written, and very suspenseful. The dialogue keeps you guessing as to why this guy picked this stranger for his weird request. I tried to answer the riddle myself while watching the film, and was quite surprised by the ending. This short story was very innovative, and showed that the future of screenwriters is “bright”. With so many stories being recycled in the world of film, its good to see that there are still fresh ideas out there. The film is a little short of 24 minutes long. It was written by Stephen Herman and David Chen. Directed by Jim Chaliz. It was Produced by Broken Box Inc. It has already won an award for “Best Psychological Thriller” at a film festival in Los Angeles. Take a look at it here and click “Like”, and support our future of up and coming screenwriters.

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