Korg, one of the most influential giants in the music production game just perfects its craft from the original NanoKey with the Slim-Line USB Nano Key2 Keyboard. The Slim-Line USB Nano Key2 Keyboard can easily be slid into your back pocket or on the sides of a pair of cargo pants. Lets say you don’t want to carry your laptop but your iPad or tablet instead? With the Nano Key2 you can become a pre-production producer in any environment. For example, say you’re in the emergency room because of a horrific injury just waiting to be seen by the doctor … lol just joking. But you can use your inner Timbaland to create pretty much anywhere.

Let’s take a glance of some of the features:

New and improved key design makes this controller ultra-responsive and very playable
New Sustain button allows for more expressive performances than ever before
USB powered for ultimate portability
Control Change Mode allows you to send CC messages with the keys, not just notes!
Korg Kontrol editor software lets you customize the nanoKEY 2 to your exact needs

So lets take a gander:

This Series2 25-key Midi Controller is leaps and bounds above the original. The transition in using with any of your DAWs is seamless. I enjoyed the velocity-sensitive keys with up and down octave buttons to access the full range of musical notes. If you want more playability and expressiveness you will most definitely love the new inclusion of the modulation and sustain buttons. This innovation comes in black or white which goes perfect with the new Brooklyn Nets Jersey’s (I’m just sayin’) for a reasonable price of $49.99. All in all the Korg Nano Key2 Series 2 is the perfect portable instrument to be on the go and ready for show for that producer on the move to make moves in the music industry. A must have, so have it.

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