I’ve covered a couple of X-Doria’s iPhone 4/4S cases before and thought they were pretty stylish and good looking. For the most part, they offered decent protection for every day use while not adding much bulk to the original iPhone’s size. Well, X-Doria now has cases for the iPhone 5  with many of their previous designs carried over to the new shape of the phone. The first case I’ll take a look at is the X-Doria Dash. This however isn’t a rehash of the original Dash as the design of this case is completely different and only shares the name with the previous design.The X-Doria Dash for the iPhone 5 is now a slim, polycarbonate shell case that snaps onto your device. The outside of the case is lined with perforated fabric for a unique look and feel along with a clear polycarbonate window at it’s center. This allows for the aluminum back of the iPhone 5 along with the Apple logo and iPhone logo to show through. I’ll have to say, it’s a good looking case and a bit different from what I’ve seen out there right now.


  • Unique, perforated outer wrap mated to a hard polycarbonate inner shell
  • Multiple layers of protection with a very slim-fit
  • Translucent center window for a unique look

In terms of protection, you’re not going to get full body protection with this. It snaps in place but for the most part, will only protect the back of the iPhone 5 alone with the left and right sides of the device. The top and bottom will not be protected much and the case does not extend past the front, meaning that if you place the iPhone 5 face down, it will be laying on the screen. That’s a small price to pay however for a case that is super slim and keeps the overall dimensions of the iPhone 5 the same.

The X-Doria Dash is a good choice for those who want a slim case that adds a bit of style and flare. Aside form the black, the wild colors will really get you noticed and the thin design means your iPhone 5 will stay thin as well. You can grab the X-Doria Dash now for $34.99 on X-Doria’s site or on any one of the links below.

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