I’m sure you have seen many ways of keeping up and tracking your health. The farthest I can remember is that Nike Plus sensor that you would put in specialized Nike Running sneakers and it would sync to an app on your iPhone. Things have gotten a lot more sophisticated since then. We have a few devices and apps that help in monitoring your daily activity. We have everything from GPS watches to wristbands.

Fitbit came on the fitness scene with their Fitbit Ultra a couple of years back. It really got the fitness gadget craze going. It has caught on tremendously since it does more than count your “exercise”. It monitors movement, sleep, stair/hill climbing; and it uploads everything wirelessly. Using the detailed information on a day to day basis; you’re able to point out weak days/times/ situations. It’s also very affordable at $99.95.

Fitbit One

Fitbit has announced two more devices to the lineup. The Fitbit One will be replacing the Fitbit Ultra later this year. It does everything the Fitbit Ultra does; but now it notifies you with vibrating notifications. It is also smaller than the Ultra. You can also read your stats better with a brighter LED screen. The One has Bluetooth 4.0 for easy wireless syncing of stats.

Fitbit Zip

Fitbit is also introducing the Fitbit Zip. If you don’t see the need to shell out $99 for fitness motivation; the Fitbit Zip is a smaller and simpler replacement. It uses a coin battery as opposed to a rechargeable battery. It tracks the steps taken, calories burned, and distance traveled. It’s rain, and water proof; nothing can stop you from wearing it. It doesn’t count however; the stairs climbed. It also doesn’t have the vibrating notification the Fitbit One has. You navigate through it by tapping the screen. A little smiley face on the Zip smiles more; the more active you are. This type of motivation costs you $59.99.


Both of these devices make keeping track of your activity a breeze by syncing wirelessly over Bluetooth 4.0. Right now it only supports iOS (iPhone and iPod Touch). Android support is said to be coming soon. You can also sync it with your computer with the included USB.
With your stats; the Fitbit app creates multiple charts and graphs for progress tracking.

I think soon enough we will have some type of Fitbit fitness gadget. Especially since it syncs with monitoring apps such as “Lose it!”, “Run keeper”, and “Map My Fitness”. The social integration; which awards you badges and allows you to compete with friends makes it a bit more motivational and fun to use. Do you think these are necessary for fitness motivation?

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