Who knew it would be a time where you would be trying to match your favorite outfit with your phone case or vice versa. CaseMate showed this off Wednesday Night with a fashion show geared towards this at the Best Buy Theater.

It was a star studded event with host Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas and Live performance from hip hop artist Common. Designer Cesar Galindo created the outfits the models wore to collaborate with the accessories(mostly iPhone cases) they displayed. One model even had on a dress made out of neon cases.

Cases shown off were from their Tough Series, Crafted series and even a couple by designer Kerin Rose. The cases he created I can’t see fitting in your pocket at all but would be great for a women’s bag. The cases themselves look sturdy to take damage too but I would advise you to throw them around to test them out.

This was a great way to show off cases specifically being NYC Fashion Week. The event showcased all the different scenarios that could happen while having your case. It would been nice to see some other cases besides just iPhone 4S covers. Maybe throw in a Samsung Galaxy S3 case here and there to show some love.

Check out the pictures below and also a Live freestyle by Common from the event

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