You’ve probably read a past review I wrote about the Ballistic LifeStyle Case for the iPhone 4/4S. If so, you probably know then that when it comes to stylish protective cases, I really like what I saw from them. They are super tough cases that are meant to withstand extreme use while still looking good without being overly bulky. I know that covering up such a gorgeous phone can be a crime, but sometimes you just need to give it some extra protection in the most extreme of situations. Ballistic has you covered. Ballistic announced that they will now be introducing a series of iPhone 5 cases that are just as protective and good looking. They’ll be releasing the SG Maxx, the Hard Core, the Shell Gel, and the Ballistic Smooth case.

The SG Maxx series is the latest introduction in the Ballistic case family. This unique case is designed with the first-ever molded screen protector that offers additional impact protection, while still maintaining a trendy and durable exterior. It also comes equipped with a lay-on-table feature so the screen will not touch the surface when laid flat on a table and a holster with rotating belt clip.

The Hard Core series is “Designed to Survive Life.” It features five impressive layers of protection, unlike any others on the market. It is crafted with a built-in screen protector, Ballistic® shock absorbent polymer, impact resistant polycarbonate shell, additional Ballistic® shock absorbent polymer, and an optional outer silicone layer. It is also equipped with water, dirt and dust resistant mesh covers for the devices speakers and microphones, covers for all ports and buttons, a kickstand for optimum viewing angles and a holster with rotating belt clip.

The Shell Gel (SG) series is the ideal solution for those who desire a slimmer form factor but also demand supreme durability.  The three tough layers of protection include an outer soft TPU for shock absorption, tough impact resistant polycarbonate, and soft silicone with strong Ballistic Corners™. The Shell Gel protects against every day drops, offering users peace of mind, while still sporting a slim exterior.

The Ballistic Smooth Case is the slimmest case in Ballistic’s collection for iPhone® 5. The Ballistic Smooth is created with the stylish consumer in mind, who demands the best of both worlds. By offering a trendy exterior along with a six foot drop guarantee, users can confidently sport the Ballistic Smooth on their latest iPhone®.

The Ballistic SG Maxx, Ballistic Hard Core, Shell Gel (SG), and Smooth are all available now for pre-order for $59.99 (Hard Core), $49.99 (SG Maxx), $34.99 (Shell Gel), and $29.99 (Smooth) at

The SG Maxx, Hard Core, Shell Gel (SG) and Smooth can be purchased in a variety of colors including Red, Blue, Pink, Purple, Black, and Gray.

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