Today announced the release of the 7th generation iPod Nano. I felt the need to write about this due to the nature of how G Style Magazine came about. G Style Magazine was born around the time when the 2nd generation iPod Mini came out and it had come out in quite a few colors. I thought and the idea of accessorizing gadgets like fashion was the thing to do. From then on I looked at the fashion of gadget and the blurring the lines of fashion and technology.

With the Nano line that replaced the Mini, Apple has been making them small and smaller, but today it looks like it size has went in the opposite direction from the last model. Also with the addition of colors to this model, it has reminded of why I started G Style Magazine in the first place.

The new 7th generation iPod Nano clocks in with a price point of $149 for 16GB of storage and comes in 8 colors (Black, White, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Teal, Blue, and Red). It is also as thing as a credit card as Apples states. Other notable features include:

– 2.5 inch screen with Multi-Touch
– Bluetooth for connecting to speakers, headphones, car stereo, and other devices
– Built-in fitness with Nike+ support
– EarPods which Apple says took them 3 years to make (that seems odd though, 3 years…)
– Lighting connector (though giving your charging port a name is a little much to me…)

The 7th gen iPod Nano will be available for pre-order starting this Friday September 14th.

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