Well, it looks like all the leaks were accurate about the new iPhone 5. It looks exactly like it does in every single leaked image that came out this month. That’s not a bad thing though because honestly, I still love the look of the current iPhones and why mess with a good design? The iPhone 5 is an evolution of the current slab and features a new 4-inch display that is pocket friendly. It’s gotten a bit taller and thinner, but has the same width as the previous iPhone 4/4S. It’s lighter, thanks in part to improved and smaller components and has a brand new screen that is also much thinner than the previous ones. The rear of the iPhone 5 also sees improvements in materials where it is no longer made fully of glass. Apple has gone back to using aluminum for the rear panel with glass inserts on the top and bottom. It may looks the same, but there are a ton of changes inside.


I’ll just summarize the new specs here as we’re not really about detailed specs here on G Style, even though that’s still important to us. But I’ll just briefly summarize the main points. The iPhone 5 has a new A6 processor that is 2x as fast as the previous A5 and graphic performance is also said to be twice as fast. For someone coming off an iPhone 4, it’s even faster. The new iPhone 5 also now supports LTE and includes a dual band Wi-Fi connectivity. Usually things like this take a toll on the battery but Apple has improved the battery and the iPhone 5 will get the same 8 hours of browsing with an LTE connection, 8 hours of talk time, and 10 hours of video playback. The iPhone 5 also includes the new Lightning connector which is a 8-pin instead of the old 30 pin. That just means that Apple was able to reduce the size which in terms means that making all these parts smaller and more efficient allowed Apple to make the new iPhone 5 thinner and lighter.

What I was most interested in seeing were improvements to the iPhone’s camera and with that, Apple has updated the camera to a new iSight 8-megapixel camera as well as improvements to speed, low-light image capture, and enhanced HD video recording. The iPhone 5 now even includes a new panorama mode that’s as easy to use as just panning your camera. This is something I’ve seen with Sony cameras already so I’m happy to see it here.

On the software side, iOS6 will be preloaded which sees much improvements with Siri, a new Maps app, Passcard app, and integrated Facebook support. Most of that was already revealed at the previous WDCC event.

Now, despite all the new tech and updated bits, I know Apple will get a lot of flak for the fact that the iPhone 5 doesn’t really look that different from the previous iPhone 4/4S. With that said, who cares? A company doesn’t have to redesign the way a product looks every time they come out with a new update for it. Again, I still think it’s a very handsome phone and I’m glad Apple didn’t make it any larger than they did. That’s one of the reasons I current’y stay away from the larger Android phones because I just don’t like how large they are, but that’s just me.

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