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Seidio Reveals Signature Accessories for iPhone 5

Everyone is either snickering or cooing over the latest Apple announcement of the iPhone 5. As much as I am anticipating this Friday September 14 to be able to Pre-Order mine I am equally anticipating how I am going to replace all of my iPhone 4S cases and accessories. Seidio, on the ball as usual, released the following Press Release announcing their latest offering of protection for the newly announced iPhone 5 available now for Pre-Order now to be shipped Sept 17.

Press Release

HOUSTON- September 12, 2012- Seidio, a leading manufacturer of premium mobile technology accessories, announces its line of signature cases and a screen guard for the newly released Apple iPhone 5. These items are available for preorder now.

“The iPhone 5 is sure to shake up the mobile industry as this phone’s predecessors have been best-sellers since its 2007 debut. So, we [Seidio] realize the importance of the perfect accessory to complement such an iconic phone,” says David Chang, CEO of Seidio. “We’re thrilled to release our accessories, and we even have a lot more exciting iPhone 5 products in the pipeline.”

Seidio’s SURFACE and ACTIVE cases are available with or without a kickstand. The metal kickstand is designed to prop up the iPhone 5 in an easy, comfortable multimedia viewing position. Leaving your hands-free, the user can multi-task while watching videos or slideshows. This feature truly separates Seidio cases from other cases currently on the market. The CONVERT Combo is also available for the iPhone 5 for top-notch protection and convertible 2-in-1 case design.

Protecting the screen of the new iPhone 5 is critical, and Seidio is offering its Ultimate Screen Guard to consumers. It’s designed from the highest quality materials to specifically fit the device, and safeguard the screen in most conditions. It will retail for $9.95

Signature Cases Explanation

The SURFACE is the thinnest case in the line with high-end protective qualities. It’s available in Black, Garnet Red, Royal Blue, Amethyst and Sage. Piano Black and Glossed White will be available in the upcoming weeks.

The ACTIVE offers more protection with a very stylish exterior. It is perfect for consumers who are always on-the-move. It’s available in Black, Garnet Red, Royal Blue, Amethyst and Sage. Piano Black and Glossed White will be available in a few weeks.

The SURFACE and ACTIVE versions without a kickstand retail for $29.95 for the case and $49.95 for the case and holster combo. While the kickstand version of both cases retails for $34.95 for the case and $54.95 for the case and holster combo.

The CONVERT begins with the SURFACE case, and allows the user to add more protective layers for rugged, tough environments. It is available in Black, and Seidio will release a Sand Gray color in a few weeks. It retails for $49.95 with our patented locking holster and Ultimate Screen Guard.

I’m currently entrusting my Samsung Galaxy S3 to the Surface Combo and am positive I will be following suit for my Apple iPhone 5. Aside from the actual phone I think it’s one of the best purchases you will make this week ;)

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