We all know there’s no shortage of docks for iDevices. Now that the iPad is mainstream, we have seen many docks for them. Not all perform the same of course. And most importantly not all are portable.

I recently got the opportunity to test out the iHome iD55 portable dock stereo speaker system. This dock works with iPad also (its main feature). When I buy docks I need them to charge the device as it plays. I hate when the little yellow triangle pops out and says that the accessory isn’t recognized. Finding portable docks that cater to iPads hasn’t been easy. And the ones that I found have been heavy on the pockets.


After a couple of weeks of testing out the iHome iD55; I loved it. It works well with my iPod classic, iPod touch and iPad. You can use it with the AC adaptor at home or take it with you with four AA batteries. I love the slide back cover on the dock. It gives it this modern/techy look. I love the leather exterior. It is a nice weight. You can take it anywhere without it weighing you down.
When you slide the cover back a little stand pops up and the port is accessible. It has the volume down, power and volume up controls in the center. The speaker covers is a grey mesh material. It has two speakers for good sound. The stereo speakers have SRS TruBass enhancement which I must say gives a good sound.


I use the dock in my living room. It fills the room pretty nicely. On certain songs that have less quality than others if the bass is too loud it might distort just a bit. It’s not to a level that will discourage you from listening to the music loudly. It stays steady on the entertainment center with its rubber feet. It’s also good to watch your movies and youtube videos on. You can lower it enough where it won’t bother others around you, but you have enough sound.

iHome For Your Home?

iHome did really well with the pricing. For an MSRP of $80, you’re getting a portable dock that house iPad. It’s good for medium size rooms, little backyard parties, and the beach. If you don’t have iDevices to dock you can also use the 3.5 mm auxiliary out cable. Android and media player users won’t feel left out. I loved it because it uses batteries and its modern, techy look. Not many portable docks look this good. The dock is simple and just for tunes. If you’re looking for something that does more than charge your iDevice and control volume this is not the product for you. The iHome iD55 portable dock delivers! It’s a great addition to a small room of the house and/or the kitchen.

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