The Chevy Spark is finally here in the US market. Some of you may see this car and think it looks familiar. Well if there are any Transformers fans in the house, you may notice that the Chevy Spark looks very much like the Transformer called Skids in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The actual car that Skids is however was the Chevrolet Beats concept car, but the Chevy Spark, especially in the car I took a ride in last month looks very much like it.

While I haven’t done a official review of this car yet, last month Chevy took a ton of media/press on a ride around New York City in a fleet of Sparks. While I thought I was going to sit in the car while a driver drove us around and talk about the car, what happened was totally different. To what I equate as a big scavenger hunt, after a brief presentation about the Spark, we literally paired up and was handed the keys to drive around ourselves.

Inside we had a map or different location in New York city, from lower Manhattan to Brooklyn and we drove there ourselves. I rode along with the cool guys of Laptop Magazine (some of you might remember I use to write a column there as well, so it was a cool reunion), and we took turns driving to each location on the map. We were led on a adventure of senses, from a perfume boutique, to a nice Milk bar in Brooklyn. The Sparks we had were manual, so I got to flex my newly acquired manual driving skills again!

The Chevy Spark comes in both manual and automatic models, and the trims are LS, 1LT, and 2LT. The Spark pricing starts out with LS trim manual and price of $12,995, and tops out with the 2LT automatic being $16,720 (without taxes and fees of course).

Though the ride was about an hour or so, I enjoyed the uniqueness of the Spark’s look and look forward to doing a full review on it. And I must add to close out, for a small car the backseat was actually quite roomy compare to other cars of the same size type.

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