This little thing here is going to give the GoPro a run for its money. The GoPro as you know has been the go-to video camera for extreme sports. Many people use there on their adventures because of its small size, ruggedness, and excellent video quality. Well, Sony just put them on notice because Sony will be releasing their new Action Cam.

The Sony Action Cam is a tiny HD video cam that you can mount in a variety of ways. It will include a rechargeable battery, mounts, and a rugged waterproof case. The camera will also be able to withstand 5-foot drops and be resistant to dirt and dust.

If you opt for the Wi-Fi model of hte ACtion Cam, you’ll be able to download the free companion PlayMemories Mobile app which will allow you to use your smartphone as a live viewfinder and also allow you to immediately share you videos. I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of features for such a little package.

The Sony Action Cam will start at $199.99 and be available in September.


  • Weighing in at approximately three ounces (with battery), the new Action Cam (HDR-AS10) will be an ultra-compact point-of-view shooting solution for adventures on the mountain, in the water, and anywhere else the action happens.
  • It will ship with a rechargeable battery, adhesive mounts, and a ruggedized waterproof case.
  • Within the case, the camera is waterproof down to 197 feet and has a shock resistance rating for up to five foot drops plus dirt and dust resistant seals that help make it impervious to mud, snow, rain, and grime.
  • The built-in Wi-Fi® model of the HD video action camcorder (HDR-AS15) will be added to the lineup as well and works with the free PlayMemories Mobile™ application that allows users to instantly share their content to a smartphone. It also allows control of the camera with any compatible device.
  • Availability/price? The HDR-AS10 Action Cam and the HDR-AS15 Action Cam with Wi-Fi will be available in September for about $199.99 and $269.99 respectively.
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