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Samsung BT S Pen – The Awesome Accessory for the Galaxy Note Series

Samsung BT S Pen - Samsung Galaxy Note - Analie Cruz

Samsung is all the talk right now with the latest release of the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet and the buzz of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone release. Somewhere during the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 release, the Samsung BT S Pen (HM5100) made its debut. While the name is huge, this device is not. The idea has been in the works for a couple of years now.

While it’s bigger than the S Pen that comes with your Note tablet or phone, the Bluetooth S Pen (BT S Pen)  is the size of a regular ink pen. Of course, it does much more than a fine point.

The BT S Pen is a very big step up from the stylus, as it has Bluetooth capabilities. As you might know, the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet can be connected as a 4G LTE device. I’m sure it’s not too comfortable holding a 10” tablet to your ear. You might look awkward doing it too. This is where the BT S Pen comes into play. It has a little speaker and a microphone. It has a call/hang-up button and a volume rocker. It charges through Micro-USB located at the top. It’s very nicely hidden. The phone flashes a variety of colors (in the middle of the volume rocker) to show its pairing, it’s on, and the battery level. It can also vibrate to alert you of incoming calls (I love that).

I believe the BT S Pen will only work with devices that have the Wacom technology. I am not sure since there is no other information available.

The BT S pen is too big to fit behind my ear. I tucked it into my ponytail close by my ear and I heard the phone calls clear enough. The speaker is loud enough for you to understand the other party clearly without risking your privacy. The device is extremely light coming in at 21g. I haven’t charged it a few days and it’s still going strong. Hopefully, there will be more solid information on this in the near future. I am definitely enjoying using the BT S pen as an additional accessory. I think it’s a great addition to the Galaxy Note series.

BT S Pen (HM5100)
Replacement Nibs
Travel Adaptor
User Manual


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