MAINGEAR, an award-winning PC system builder offering custom desktops, notebooks, workstations is one of the first to offer the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti graphics solution that gives a more affordable solution without sacrificing performance of NVIDIA’s GeForce architecture.

MAINGEAR customers will be able to take advantage of NVIDIA’s groundbreaking new Kepler architecture that delivers game-changing performance and lifelike experience in today’s most demanding PC game titles.

The GeForce GTX 660 Ti graphics card represents the Kepler “sweet spot” for gamers—the ultimate combination of performance, power efficiency, and affordability.

The new GeForce GTX 660 Ti offers 1.5x faster performance than the previous-generation GTX 560 Ti and up to 2x better power efficiency. This is going to be the perfect card for PC gamers as its support for new temporal anti-aliasing technique delivers the ultimate combination of image quality and performance in games like The Secret World.

Supercharged with NVIDIA PhysX and Full Direct X11 support delivers realistic simulation effects in characters and environments for the best gaming experience possible.

Potenza Limited Edition w/Borderlands 2 Full Game Code: $1,199

F131 Limited Edition w/Borderlands 2 Full Game Code: $1,379

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