For those students who want to take their gaming a bit more seriously this year, Maingear’s Vybe sacrifices a bit of portability to make the laptop a powerhouse machine. It’s so sleek-looking that it does not look like a gaming laptop.

What do I like most about this laptop? There’s no bloatware. The laptops come in four performance and price ranges that can ship out as quickly as 24 hours. Ranging from good, better, best, and ultimate; the price ranges from $1099 to $1999. Using some of the best mobile technology out there which includes third generation intel core processors (the “good” performance uses i5 while the rest use i7). The “good” and “better” performance laptops include NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 2GB GDDR5 while the “best” and “ultimate” will include GTX 660M 2GB GDDR5 graphics, and SSD’s. The 1080P LED backlit display offers a crisp, reduced glare display for long hours of gaming.

The Vybe lineup isn’t limited to laptops, customizable desktops are also available. The best and ultimate Vybe notebooks will be available on August 17th. This minimalist designed laptop is a great choice for those gamers who want something different from the usual gaming laptops such as Alienware. Are you willing to game on a 15″ screen as opposed to 17″? I’d sacrifice the smaller screen size for the additional portability. This laptop might become very popular amongst gamers, maybe not hardcore gamers but those who use their notebooks for gaming as well as schoolwork, and business.

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