I’ve looked at several folio style cases already and for the most part, I really like folio cases because they pretty much help conceal your iPad from prying eyes. Sure they make the svelte iPad much thicker and larger, but I find that my iPad seems to be better protected and more secure when using them. I also really like the bookish appearance they give off when in use. With that said, the latest folio case I”m looking at comes from X-Doria and it’s called the Dash Folio Felt case. It fits both the iPad 2 and New iPad.

The Dash Folio Felt case is just like your standard leather style cases except that instead of a leather outer skin, it is wrapped in fuzzy, soft grey felt. This is an alternative to those who may not like the look of leather and want a folio case made of a different material. The Dash Folio Felt also features built in magnets which allows you to use the iPad’s built in sleep/wake feature and it also helps keep the folio shut when not in use. Last but not least, like most goof folio cases, the Dash Folio Felt converts into a stand for typing or viewing videos and photos. It allows for multiple angles which can be set to multiple positions for more comfortable viewing ans usage.

Overall, the Dash Folio Felt is a very good folio case for those who may not like the feel of leather. I really like the fact that it allows for multiple viewing and usage angle when used as a stand which is something I look for when looking at folio cases. I also like that it has a cutout in the rear for the rear camera as well as a mesh covered cutout for the speaker which is actually something I have not seen on other folio cases, so that also makes it a bit unique.

There really isn’t much to not like about it thought the $50 price tag might be a bit much for something that isn’t leather. Still though, the fact that it’s felt and not leather will help it stand out from other folio cases.


  • Ultra-slim folio with ultra-soft felt jacket
  • Stylish, textured leather-like interior
  • Cover with built-in magnets; automatically wakes your iPad when opened, sleeps when closed
  • Easily converts into a stand for typing or viewing
  • Feels good, looks impressive

Dash Folio Felt – X-Doria Dash Folio Felt Case for new iPad and iPad 2

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