There is nothing much I like than a good pair of headphones. During an average day I listen to music nearly 50% of the time. It keeps me sane during my daily commute and mellows me out during other times. So a good pair of headphones while listening to some of my favor tracks is important. It must sound good, and look good. Recently I have been using the House of Marley Destiny TTR headphones to see if live up to the G Style standard. How did it fair? Find out below


The Destiny TTRs look good.The silver aluminum enclosures look nice, and the Jamaican inspire accents add a nice touch to the overall look and feel. The sounds engines have a nice soft cushion feel to them with some nice stitching which makes them really stand out. The Jamaican accents continue on the 3.5mm cables with the Jamaican accent seen there as well.

Overall the Destiny TTR headphones is a nice looking pair of headphones. They would easily stand out in a crowd and make a fashion statement in their own right. Even the packaging for these headphones and carrying case looks good.


The Destiny TTR has a very good sound, and with the sound isolating technology inside it really blocks out all outside very well. When turned on, all I hear is my music which is just the way I like it. But be careful of your surroundings. The Destiny TTR do a really good job of removing outside noise, so you’ll need to rely on your other senses when moving around outside.

When it comes to sounds performance, the lows, mids, and highs are good. Bass is great! Even at the highest volume, I detected no distortion or other sounds issues. The music comes out clear, crisp, loud, and booming. I couldn’t ask for more in a pair of headphones.


As to the experience, there is some good and some bad. First the good, the Destiny TTR is a great pair of headphones. It sounds great, looks good, and is quite comfortable to where somewhat. While the ultra-soft leather on the sound engines and the light padded headset make for a comfortable feel, the headphones do feel a little tight during use. At times I feel as if my head is being squeezed by the headphones. It isn’t too bad, but can be a minor annoyance depending.

For the bad, and this is really the fault or just my annoyance with all noise-cancelling headphones in general. I really hate that it has to be powered to deliver the effect. I just don’t like the idea of having to provide batteries for my headphones, and in the case of the Destiny TTR, they will not work without power. Some other headphones in the genre can still work when the batteries run out. The House of Marley Destiny TTR however will not. If you forget to turn on the headphones or if the battery go, you will not be able to use these headphones. This is just something that bothers me

Despite the few bad, these headphones are awesome. Looks good, sounds good is our motto when we review headphones. The House of Marley Destiny TTRs gets an A+ for boths of these. Which it should since it does carry a premium price tag with it. The Destiny TTRs will set you back $299.99, so it really comes down to how much you love your music and want to enjoy it.

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