Usually when we think of iHome products, we think products tailored to iPods, iPhones, iPads. While there are many Android phones, they don’t have many devices tailored to their use (Micro-USB dock as opposed to iDevice docks). Android users usually have to settle for devices that use auxiliary line-in cables. The iHome ic50 FM Stereo Alarm Clock Radio for Android, brings a much needed device to the Android accessories field.

The iHome ic50 is simple and compact.  Easy to use/navigate buttons and a decent size display. Finally a micro-USB dock, where I can listen to the music on my phone, charge it and use it as an alarm clock all at once.  A rare find in the Android world.

To make the alarm clock easier to use, there is an Android iHome Sleep app. You can choose the song or sound that you’d like to wake up to. The only thing is that unfortunately,  you can only use ONE song or sound to wake up to. Hopefully an update to the app will fix that very much wanted option. Another problem is that some phones might not charge with the micro USB dock supplied. To get the sound through the alarm speakers you have to connect the phone through the headphone jack with the supplied auxiliary cable. I know, it’s not the easy dock-and-charge iDevice experience. But it’s a step closer. I love the gradual wake option, where the alarm gets louder gradually, so you don’t go flying out of bed in a panic. If you want to wake up to your favorite radio station, you can do that as well.

The device may not be worth it at the MSRP price of $60.00, but I’m sure that you can find it for more inexpensive prices. That might make you change your mind and add it to your Android accessories list.


iHome iC50 FM Stereo Alarm Clock for Android
Micro-USB Cable
3.5mm Auxiliary Cable
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