This past week has been quite a joy as I got to spend some time with the Cadillac CTS-V coupe, a car both beautiful in appearance and powerful under the hood. While this Cadillac is a nice car to look at on the surface, it hides a strong aggressive presence when unleashed. When you let this beast out of the cage, your better be able to handle it


Right from the minute I seen this car, I dubbed it the Bat-mobile. I certainly felt like Batman driving it. And that is not to say that this would be the Bat-mobile per say, but this definitely feels like the car Bruce Wayne would be driving around when he wasn’t in the Bat suit. The car I had come in Thunder Gray Chromaflair Pigment. Okay long color name aside, this dark gray color was impressive when paired with the sharp lines of the CTS-V coupe.

When stared upon from the front the CTS-V looks mean and aggressive, a car that scream move out of the way when approaching down a long stretch. When you add the roar of the engine, quite a few people did just that when I came driving down any given street (though I wasn’t doing more than the speed limit). From the side, it looks elegant, worthy of its luxury name. I haven’t seen a more beautiful looking coupe, hence the beauty of this beast. And finally from the back it looks futuristic as if it should have wings or somehow hover and fly as opposite to having wheels. With its sharp triangle top backlight and rear design, it could easily be some kind of space jet as well lol

And finally since it is earth-bound, the all black steel looking rims just added to the overall bad ass appeal of it!


You know if there was anything that I was kind of disappointed with on this car, it would be the tech in this one, or at least the specific car I had to test. The monroney on this specific CTS-V with all the optional equipment, and a gas guzzler tax was over $72K. For a car that cost over $72K, I would expect that streaming music from my phone would be standard or in the optional equipment. Yet I had to use an AUX/In connection for this, this my friends was lame. The DVD/CD/XM radio all played well and performance as expected, including the 10 speaker BOSE system which sounded great!

The touchscreen and interface system could have maybe been given an okay or good rating, if I didn’t just recently attended a Cadillac press event for the upcoming XTS which features Cadillac’s CUE system. The CUE system is amazing, but unfortunately wasn’t in this vehicle. Here’s hoping it gets added in next year’s model. But for what it is worthy, the tech inside the CTS-V was cool, I just expected more given the cost of the car.


Oh man! This car is awesome to drive! Such power, from the first time I tapped the pedal I felt it. I literally spent my time driving it by just lightly tapping the pedal and coasting. I usually have a heavy foot when I drive, but driving with a heavy foot would end up having me at 80 MPH in no time. Over the weekend, I took it to an empty area with plenty of space and let it rip. I must have hit 0-60 MPH in like 2-3 seconds, 80 MPH in like 5 or 6 seconds. This car will literally suck you back into your seat when you mashed the pedal, inside this sexy elegant beauty, lies a powerful beast.

Having such power is both gift and curse. This isn’t for the urban dweller. All that power locked behind 35, at max 50 MPH speed limits, no fun at all. And then on top of that this car swallows gas like it was free water. Out of all the reviews I have done this year, I have spent the most on gas with this car, way more! I mean if you have the $72K+ to purchase a car like this, then maybe you aren’t too worried about gas. But with gas prices being what they currently are, be prepared to dig deeper into your pockets than you might be use to.

Other than those points, this car is super fun to drive. I found it especially useful at a red light in midtown Manhattan. If you’ve ever driven in Manhattan and want to be able to scoop that open space in another lane right as the light turns green, this car has you covered. There was literally no car that could beat me into another lane at a green light while on the go.

Wrap Up

The Cadillac CTS-V coupe is bad ass, it is the Bat-mobile. If you have the money you want this car. If you can get pass the gas guzzler tax, and the fact that it swallows gas all to quickly, then I highly recommend this car. Hell I recommend this car even if you have to pay more in gas than normal.

The CTS-V looks hot, drives mean, and is definitely an attention-getting. From the time I got in this car, I’ve had nods of approval, smiles, stares, and double takes. There is no denying the coolness of this car, and again I approve of this car. This is G Style Elite status right here!