Happen to run into the people of Techno Source at GDGT here in New York City and they were showing off their new Kurio 7 Tablet device. At 1st glance it looks like just a kiddie tablet with that bright bumper. In essence it is, but can also be used as a full fledged Android device with a flip of a switch. It can possibly solve that problem of your kids or even siblings grabbing your tablets and getting into who knows what. Now they have their own cool experiences and you even keep a eye on them at the same time.

The Kurio7 actually runs 4.0 ICS compared to a couple months ago when it was using Gingerbread 2.3. It has WIFI and also supports Adobe Flash. The kids can play on a 7″ touch screen built with a 1.2 Ghz processor which is using 1GB RAM, has 4GB of storage memory and can be branched out to 36GB. Kids love taking pics so built in is a 0.3MP front cam and 2.1MP one on the back. The Kurio7 may even have other things your own tablet doesnt such as HDMI, Mic, and MicroSD slot.

The main feature and draw of the Kurio7 is the ability to make up to eight unique profiles. Great for the family, as everyone can do their own thing on the tablet without going thru someone else’s things. I mean multi user profiles should be on tablets anyway. It something thats missing in these other devices. If your a parent you can set the limitations on each profile and what they can and cant get access to. You have control over what type of sites they can access all the way down to what apps they can get out the Google PlayStore.

The last thing about the tablet is its packed with tons of kids content and ad-free at that. So it will include games such as Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Doodle Jump, Cut the Rope, Wheres my Water, & World of Goo, as well as E-books through Aldiko Premium, educational content from Mr. Nussbaum™, interactive activities and more. The bumper is pretty good for the kids(and even adults) that like to drop stuff. I cant imagine you dropping it 50 feet but a slip here and there should be fine.

Playing around with it I think its a great addition for the tech family that has all the different devices in their household and gives them a piece of mind at the same time.

The Kurio7 is set to release in July at Toys R Us for $199.99 and preorders are available now.

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