I was an Blackberry user for a very long time, and every Blackberry I owned had an holster. This was a primary accessory that accompanied any new purchase of a Blackberry device. I still remember it fondly as I put it on my right side hip and would tuck my shirt behind it to proudly show it off lol

This however came to a stop when I purchased my first Android phone the Samsung Captivate (actually the first was the HTC Aria, but I didn’t keep it long). The Samsung Captivate being slim phone, I just never thought to get a holster for it, I ended up just slipping it into my pocket. This was the same with I moved on to the HTC Inspire 4G, the HTC Vivid, and now the HTC One X. With each phone, I would get a case for it no doubt, but not the holster kind. More just the one for the phone and slide it in my pocket.

So this begs the question, have phone now become slim enough where they no longer need to be holstered on you hip? Or do you still use holster no matter how slim the phone? Let us know in the comment and take the poll below.

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