If you’re a huge fan of fighting games like I am, you know first hand how horrible the XBOX 360 controller is with its terrible D-Pad design (the revised models are slightly better). The PS3 controllers aren’t quite as bad, but a true enthusiast of the genre will be using either a FightPad or FightStick to dish out damage. Mad Catz has been providing some pretty interesting peripherals to help you do this with ease. While they have been doing this for some time, it seems like they get better and better with each new version. Their latest iteration of the FightPad is their S.D. model which can stand for Super Deformed.

The first thing you will notice on the FightPad is the design and feel of the controller. It is 15% smaller then their prior FightPads and you canreally feel the difference. It is very light and very easy to handle. The rear is rubberized for a nice, solid grip while up front, it features artwork from the game and layer of clear coat.

If the controller was wireless it would be greatness but it being wired is still okay and provides precise connection, previous wireless ones could delay you a second or two and have you saying game over. The wire length itself is about 9 feet which makes them long enough for most “couch” athletes.

The D-Pad on these FightPads are ideal as its enlarged and uprooted which gives you better control with it having 8 way directional control. Special moves are easier to execute such as Zangief’s 360 moves in Street Fighter Vs. Tekken and pulled it off with ease. It’s something I could barely do on the stock X360 controllers.

The button layout is good and the buttons are larger then your norm. This makes if easier to dish damage especially with those rapid button presses. You have your four face buttons and two shoulder buttons there also. Then two shoulder buttons on top. The controllers remind of me of old Sega Genesis MK 1470, 6 button controllers from the 90’s.

Another neat feature is the 3-Way Switch on the back to change the D-Pad from that or even left or right analog sticks. Good for navigating certain things that you cant just cut with a D-Pad these days. Last thing is a Turbo button which can be enabled for rapid fire or other uses with the multiple face buttons.

Overall, a very good controller for using in fighting games. Having tested the controller out on games like SFxT, Mortal Kombat and others, it works to your advantage. With a price of $40 its definitely a bargain and worth the money. I cant wait to see what future fighting game FightPads MadCatz will have up its sleeve.

Street X Tekken FightPad S.D. is available now at various retailers at pricing around $39.99.


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