Back at CES this year we got a nice glimpse into the future of Vizio and how they would enter the PC/laptop realm. The computers looked interesting and as they had a nice clean look to them but at the time weren’t any real clear specs to go with the devices and who knew if they would change from January to today. Well months later they looked to deliver on that product with a nice pricepoint, surprising specs that I didn’t even expect them to produce for the amount you will be paying. Which starting price is a cool $898 and up.

“The All-In-One Series”

All-In-One 24in and 27in Models have a nice brushed unibody aluminum finish on the back of the displays all the way down the subwoofer, mouse and keyboard. 1,920×1,080 pixels(Full HD 1080p) is being seen on each display which produce some impressive colors. I mean they make excellent TVs why wouldn’t they make great monitors. The hardware starts from a Intel Ivy Bridge Core i3 all the way to a Core i7-3610QM Processor 2.3 GHz. Memory space starts from 500GBs up to 1 TB including having up to 32GB of SSD for better bootups and performance. Highest graphic card goes to NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 640M LE.

I like the feel of the keyboards and touchpad(mice). Its pretty light but doesn’t have a cheap feel to it. Battery life is stated to be about 6 months in and they have built in sleep timers. So afterwhile of non use they will shut down which is good on battery preservation. The displays look pretty clean when navigating the internet with fast loading times and also opening up other applications.


Their Notebook models come in at 15.6 inch Full HD with similar specs to the All-In-One models. The processors also start at Core i3 and go to Core i7 beginning with Dual Core to Quad Core. Ram and graphic cards are also the same. Battery life is boasting to being from 6-7 hours. This sounds impressive. When we receive some test units soon this will definitely be looked into. This model is great for the consumers that aren’t interested in the ultrabook lifestyle and looking to also get powerful features.


What are being called the Ultrabooks of Vizio is the Thin+Light line. They will release in sizes of 14in HD+ and 15.6 Full HD. The processors are Ivy Bridge laced and start from Core i3 to the highly powered Core i7. RAM is 4GB, SSD starts from 128GB up to 256GB. The battery of the 15.6in top out at 6hrs while the smaller size at 7hrs. Playing around at Thin+Light Ultrabooks they are pretty lightweight and paper thin. The feel is great as they don’t feel cheap and thrown together. It feels like your actually getting a premium device at a bargain price.


All the Vizio All-In-Ones,Notebooks, and Thin+Light Ultrabooks will feature no bloatware what so ever which is always been a dream for consumers. They have worked hand to hand to bring you Microsoft’s “Signature”. The devices are tuned to take the best of the hardware specs insides. This feature alone is usually something you have to pay for from Microsoft and to have it built inside is incredible that Vizio would take what the consumer fanbase hate the most and eliminate it right out the box. Another cool feature is there a “V” key that will take you to a site and give you exclusive deals with providers such as Netflix, Hulu and others.

Vizio is definitely heading in the right direction and its great to see so much done at such a affordable price and give customers what they been needing and craving for so long. Look for these devices to hit stores such as Walmart, Target and others in the upcoming weeks. Also look out for full on reviews from us coming soon.

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