Two of the worldiest best CIA agents Franklin Delano Roosevelt Foster (Chris Pine) and Tuck Henson (Tom Hardy) are also the best of friends. They know how to handle any situation with ease and fight their way out of it except when they come to fighting over the same woman Lauren Scott(Reese Witherspoon) whose occupation is a Product Facilitator.

With a convert mission gone wrong trying to take down Heinrich (Til Schweiger), who later wants revenge on them they are pushed to desk duties. Angela Bassett plays their CIA boss trying to keep them on their toes to complete their mission since their minds are elsewhere. By this happening this leads to Tuck online dating and meeting Lauren then Foster after. This creates a battle for her affection and heart which she may decide eventually with her crazy best friend Trish (Chelsea Handler) also in her ear. Trish in her ear doesn’t help but make things crazier.

Throughout the film you have Tuck and FDR doing so much things regarding invasion of privacy its not even funny. You get some interesting background on the characters such as FDR’s family and Tuck’s divorce and how his job affects his life with his son. Lauren’s job doesn’t seem to mean anything if she cant decide between two guys but helps people decide on why they need to buy products.


The video quality of the bluray is 1080p/AVC in a 16:9(2:40:1) screen format. The quality has a gritty look to me and doesn’t seem to be as sharp as other visuals I have seen before. Closeups such as facial detail and tailoring can be greatly seen. It was a bright colored film as alot of scenes take place during the daytime hours but it looks a little too bright at times. Otherwise the picture quality is stil pretty decent to enjoy.


Using English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, the sound going on in this film maybe one of its best features going for it. Dialogue can be heard very clearly over other things going such as club music or car chases. Things such as shots being fired and glass being destroyed can be heard to the slight detail. Good movie to show off your surround system if you have one. It also has 7 other audio language tracks.


There are three alternate endings on the bluray which show the different options Lauren made in deciding between Tuck and FDR. One of which I may of rather seen end the movie then the latter. Its actually worth seeing.
The Bachelorette Party scene has jokes here and there.
Six deleted scenes some of which could of worked in the finished products, some not.
Also included in the Combo Pack is a DVD copy and Digital Copy


In all this leads to a spy vs spy romance comedy film. This seems to be more of the movie then any action advertised. The cool thing about them being CIA ops is they can use their array of gadgets to their advantage. Pine and Hardy are cool onscreen against each other, it would been nice maybe seeing them do more side missions between trying to get the heart of Witherspoon. This would be a great one time date movie but don’t see it getting multiple viewings.

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