I seem to go through earbuds like people go through socks. Either they crap out on me, constantly fall out of my ears, or I generally just find something better. I’m always on the hunt for some cool earbuds. While by default I like headphones, that doesn’t always go well with this Mohawk I’m currently sporting. so that brings us to these Sol Republic Amps earbuds. Sol Republic is no stranger to the G Style crew here, as the other Jason (the taller one) has been known to review a pair or two of their Tracks and Tracks HD models. I know Jason is a fan of the brand and he uses the headphones quite often. But what about the earbuds, I love me a good pair of earbuds, especially if it will stay in my ear, deliver good sound (with good bass), and look good while dong it. Does the Amps measure up? Here is what I thought.


The Sol Republic Amps earbuds do have a nice look to them. I especially like how their company logo looks on the earbuds, and like the angled earpiece that not only looks good, but helps keep the earbuds in the ears where they belong. Beyond these features, it is a pretty standard affair though they do come in either Black or Red.

When it comes the cable, there isn’t nothing special there, but it just gets the job done. I would have like to see a thick cord to give me more confidence it wouldn’t break, but also maybe they could of had a nice design or something in the cord as well.


What can I say, I’m pleased. I said I want earbud that sound good and deliver good bass, and the Sol Republic Amps deliver. I’m a heavy Spotify users, so that is my preferred method of music listening when out and about. So when you combine that with the earbuds and Beat Audio software in my HTC Vivid sound quality is excellent.

The level of volume for the earbuds are good, so when the earbuds are snug in your ear, you can hear the music clear and crispy. When it comes to the bass, if you have the in you ear correctly the bass is booming. I’m a lover of bass and the Amps performed while consistently.


Using the Sol Republic Amps has been a great experience. What can I say, they fit in my ear without issue, and actually stay in my ears. The sound quality has been excellent and after much continued use, I have no issue with sound quality with this pair of ear buds. IF I could list one negative, would be I wish the cable was of the tangle free sort. There has been plenty of times where I needed to fold it up and then had to de-tangle later when I wanted to use them. This can be quite annoying at times. Astro Gaming has a pair of ear buds called A*Star which has this flat cable that doesn’t tangle. If Sol Republic could add something like that in future models would be great.

Other than that the Amps were a great pair of earbuds and I truly enjoy using them!

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