You’ve probably noticed a lot of Cygnett reviews I’ve been doing lately for the iPhone but that’s not all they make. Cygnett also makes cases for the iPad 2 and New iPad. The cases they make are mainly folio style cases which means that on the outside, it looks less like an iPad and more like a leather-bound notebook or day-planner. This isn’t a bad thing though as it does give the iPad a more classic type look and helps conceal it a bit from those who might want to steal it. The Cygnett case I had a chance to look at was their Lavish case and I must say, I really like it.

The Lavish is a soft leather-like folio case with a soft felt-like interior lining. All the required openings for the buttons and ports are all available while still providing a good amount of all-over protection. The stitching on the case looks very nice and really shows the quality of the build. If you get a chance to look at one up close, you’ll see just how even and accurate all the stitching is with no strange anomalies like you might see on lesser cases.

The Lavish case works like many other folio style cases. Basically the iPad slips into a sort of sleeve and then is secured with a flap. In this case, the flap has Velcro on it which helps secure the iPad in the sleeve and keeps it from sliding around. The iPad does fit pretty snug in it though making it even less likely to shift around. Like with most folio cases, there is a border that surrounds the front of the screen. It doesn’t cover the entire bezel though which is good and has grooves cut in to allow access to the front camera and the home button. One if the main features of the Lavish case is the ability to use it as a multi-view stand with 3 different viewing positions. On the inside cover of the Lavish are 3 sewn in leather strips. When the case is opened up, you can rest the inside edge of the Lavish on one of the 3 leather strips in order to angle the viewing position in 1 of 3 ways. This allows for a much more viewing freedom.

The Lavish also has two magnets built into the frame of the case which helps keep the cover closed together when not in use. It also functions with the iPad’s cover lock/unlock feature as well.

There are a couple of negatives however to the case. For starters, this isn’t exactly the thinnest case out there. It measures about an inch thick at its thickest point which completely negates the whole slim profile of the iPad. Also, the iPad sits fairly deep in the case so reaching the volume, mute/rotate switch, or power button can be a bit of a mission. However, I think it’s a small price to pay for what is otherwise a really great looking, very well made case.

Features and Specs

  • Instantly converts from a slim folio case to reveal three viewing angles, allowing you to make the most of your iPad experience
  • Beautifully crafted & elegantly designed to protect your iPad from drops & scratches
  • Easy-to-carry book-style design offers 360º protection, yet is ready to use in an instant
  • The iPad is always held securely in place whether on the move or on display
  • Unobscured access to all ports, cameras buttons & the touchscreen

Since receiving the Cygnett Lavish, it’s become my default case for my iPad 2. Despite the fact that it’s thicker and heavier than my last case, it’s more stylish and classy looking. It has the added benefit of concealing my iPad a bit better from prying eyes. I’d like to also add that it’s really not that expensive of a case and only costs $49.99 which is a decent price for a protective iPad case that also works as a multi-view iPad stand as well as functioning with the iPad’s built in lock/unlock feature.

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