I’m not a huge sports fan except for the Olympics. Ever since the ’96 games in Atlanta, every 4th summer I become obsessed with with watching all of the events. Cygnett has seen it fit to design an entire collection of iPhone cases around the 2012 games which are to be held in London. The London and Underground series are cases designed around the London flag and maps of the city. Cygnett sent me the Union Jack Montage Case to review.

It’s a hard slim profile, snap-on case with the British flag. I’ve been using this case for the past week and I think it’s my favorite Cygnett case thus far. One of the best features of the case is that it’s textured. It has a very nice soft touch matte feel to it and it looks extremely stylish. Despite the fact that I’m not British, and I’m team USA all the way I still enjoy rocking this case. I love the fact that it’s a stand out yet very minimal because of the design. These types of cases will always be the preferable choice for someone like me.

There is one big issue that I take with this case; its price. The Union Jack Montage case retails for $29.99. I think this is way too expensive. I absolutely adore it but not at that price. I really think that Cygnett makes fantastic products but I can’t justify spending $29.99 on one slim case. I’d like to have them ALL, especially when Cygnett does a series like this. It would be great to swap them out every week. I love the idea and I would want to stretch a buck especially for something that has a seasonal feel to it and I really wish Cygnett would help the consumer out in this way.

I don’t really see why this case would cost so much more than their other slim profile cases (see my Nomad case review) especially when there’s no added protection or special features. Yes, it feels nicer but that’s simply not enough.

The bottom line is that it’s a great case with a great look and feel but the price is too high for my needs.

Price: $29.99
Style: Snap-On/Slim Profile
What’s in the Package: Screen Protector, Cleaning Cloth, Applicator
Where to Buy: Cygnett Website

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