Last week I took a spin in the 2012 Chrysler 300S and got a taste of Detroit’s finest. For as long as I’ve known of the Chrysler 300, it was always called the poor man’s Bentley. But with the new 2012 model, I think Chrysler can step out of that monger and stand on it’s own. The Chrysler 300S is much sleeker than the previous models, and with Beats by Dre audio inside, this model definitely is worth taking a look at.


Like I mention in the title, this definitely isn’t the poor man’s Bentley. I’ll be honest I stopped paying attention the Chrysler 300 since maybe 2010. By then the model has looked the same for awhile, and although it was a nice car it didn’t move me. This 2012 model looks very nice. Very clean lines, and right from the front of the car I like that the grill is different from what I last remember, I prefer this grill over the 2010 and earlier models. Then the headlights have a very slick look, which of course it had in the 2011 model as well. Since this is my first look since probably the 2010 model, I was delightfully surprise and excited about this.

The model I got to review can in Bright White, and while I’m not a fan of cars in white, I must say the Chrysler 300s looks mean in white, very sexy! I like compare to the older models, the 2012 300s seems to have slimmed down in it looks. The grill is sleeker, the top of the car seems sloped down more to me, more narrow which looks good. Overall all this new model gives it a much more gangsta profile than before and no one should be thinking poor man Bentley this time around!


The tech in the Chrysler 300s definitely meets approval as well. I mean have the keyless entry and remote started, Bluetooth connection to your smartphone (both for phone and screaming you music, which to me is a must), dual drive/passenger climate controls, the UConnect DVD/CD/MP3/Nav 8.4 inch LCD screen, and more. I was truly happy with the luxury comforts of this car.

But let’s not make no mistake, the more hyped feature of the 300s is the exclusive Beats Audio technology in the car. Now I have really been one to jump on the Beats by Dre movement as most (see Why I Would Never Wear Beats by Dre Headphones), and I’m still a skeptic of the added value in the Beat Audio technology inside HTC smartphones. But I will say this, Beats audio inside the Chrysler 300s was amazing. The sound was loud, bass was booming, and the music quality was crisp. There was moments when I set the bass high, and had the volume pumping and I don’t think I’ve heard such clear bass boom without distortion or “truck rattle”. It was really amazing. I connected it via Bluetooth to my HTC One X, so it was Beats on Beats and I loved it! Pumping my music out via Spotify, and then hearing it on the 10 premium speakers and sub-woofer with Beats audio was awesome. I highly recommend this system.


I truly enjoyed my week with the Chrysler 300s! It was a smooth ride even amongst New York City’s bumps and potholes. I especially loved using Sport mode, which gave it some extra kick. During the week, my fuel consumption wasn’t too bad, I made it through the week and only needed to put some gas in once and only about $30 because I was all over the place throughout the Memorial day weekend. So while I consider myself a more aggressive driver, even under that use I was happy with the gas mileage.

Now while the ride was smooth, and the look of the car was awesome, it always comes down to the tech for me and the Chrysler 300s passed the test. I was able to sync up my phone with ease, and pump out the music from my smartphone. I got a kick out of Beats on Beats with the HTC One X having Beats Audio and the Chrysler 300s having the technology. I use the navigation a couple times, but did find it has some issues finding some of the address I looked for, so I had to go to Google maps on my phone to find a close match address and input it into the car’s Nav. One time I had to just use Google Navigation instead. But other than that moment the car was great to use. I would even consider getting it in White if I was purchasing it.

Wrap Up

The Chrysler 300s is a nice piece of Detroit to cruise around in. It is an improvement in the looks department since the older generation, and with Beats Audio inside, becomes a nice music powerhouse while on the move. The model I reviewed checks in at $39,960 and with all the tech inside makes it a worth car for the G Style badge of honor.