Believe it or not if you have a Playstation Vita, this is a must have title in your collection. Rayman Origins is the top rated Vita game on the market right now and for good reason. I know at first glance it can look a little childish, but play a couple of levels and you will definitely be hooked. If you like platformers you will love this.

First off, Rayman Origins is a gorgeous game. Add this to the lovely OLED screen of the Vita and you have a gem on your hands. The character designs, the graphics, everything just pops out at you and meshes well together. The game is packed with hours of gameplay and you will most likely go back to previous levels either beat your time or get some treasures you have missed. This is what gaming has been missing. Simple, easy, pickup and play fun. What’s great are that new levels will sometimes incorporate new things to learn which you can go back to prior levels and use to gain achievements.

There isn’t really anything wrong with this game but it is missing one thing the other versions do have and thats multiplayer. This would have been great to have on a portable such as the Vita which boasts multiplaying like no other. The Ghost Mode is supposed to fill in the gap and I supposed gamers that never use the multiplayer won’t miss it while others will.

Rayman Origins is a excellent “must have” Vita launch title is available now at various game retailers.




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