There is a  growing trend among consumers now to invest in a decent pair of headphones and trash the stock headphones their phone or music player came with. Even if it means spending a bit more extra to get a set of cans that sound great and feel great, consumers are willing to spend the extra money on it. However, if they can get headphones that not only sound good, but are relatively inexpensive, that is a huge plus.

I personally wouldn’t spend more than $150 on headphones.  I don’t travel enough nor am I a hardcore audiophile that spending more than that is not very beneficial to me.  With that said, I was lucky enough to review the Quincy Jones Q460 Mini On Ear headphones from his line of studio headphones.  These are not the earbuds but are not the bigger DJ set either.  These are for those who are always on the go but would like some quality sound.  Specifically made to enhance the sound of music from smartphones and MP3 players, these headphones deliver great sound while looking stylish. Let’s not forget that producer Quincy Jones is a veteran in the music business. To sum it up; these were the perfect set for me.


I don’t know much about highs, lows, and mids frequencies since I am not a DJ but there is definitely a noticeable difference.  It does not sound too loud or distorted. Bass sounds incredible while not overdoing the heavy “thumping”. I tried many different genres and none were too much for the Q460’s to handle.  With the noise cancellation, it felt like a party in my head.  It was enough to block out the city noises that are sometimes louder than the music. These headphones definitely brought out the most from my phone and iPods.


I like that they are not huge.  I can’t picture myself walking around with those big beats by Dre headphones, and having nowhere to store them. While some people might not like the lime green color of the cord; that didn’t matter to me. I liked the all white with neon green accents.  It has a sort of classy/young look. You can also opt for the all black with lime green accents. The all lime green is a bit too much for me.  Some might like that though. A few people actually asked me which sets of headphones I had because of its unique style.


For three weeks I took these headphones everywhere; on the train, to the gym, going shopping, etc.  I must say that they were wonderful! They felt so light on my head but with such powerful sound as if I had high-priced studio headphones on. I loved the padding on the ear and headband too. Comfortable and light, they are easy to travel with. As some know things can get a little crazy in my bag (or most women’s bags); the Q460’s are safe and sound folding flat in their carrying case.

The only problem I had with the headphones is the very short cords (2 and 4 feet long).  Sometimes I forgot I had them on (the music quality was just so great) and I’d turned my head and there I was suddenly disconnected.  The iDevice ready cable didn’t work on my Android phone but worked great on my iPod Classic and iPod Touch. This is not a deal breaker for me though.


What I assume people are looking for when they shop for headphones is noise cancellation, quality sound and affordability.  The Quincy Jones Q460 set are a great set if you’re looking for these qualities.  You get great sound without denting your wallet.  I love that they are lightweight and not huge for on ear headphones. The punch it delivers is unbelievable.  Needless to say that I was upset going back to my stock MP3 player headset. You can purchase them on Amazon.  The price ranges from $94 – $110.

SPECS (From Harman Audio):

  • Frequency Response: 11Hz – 29,5kHz
  • Sensitivity: 125dB SPL/V
  • Weight: 120g (4.2 oz)


  • AKG Q460 Headphones
  • Full Size 1/4″ Stereo Plug Adapter
  • One – 1.6 ft detachable cord
  • One – 3.6 ft detachable cord
  • Product Guide
  • 2.5 mm Adapter (for smaller jacks on phones/MP3 players)
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