I first had the chance to check out the M-80s during my time at CES 2012. I was invited by V-MODA to preview them at their suite in the Venetian. You can read that review here. Now I have the time to review them in full length as a pair was just sent over to us. And since this is G Style, we review it the only way we know how, strap them on and use it as if I just picked it up from the store and this has become my main headphones. So after some real world use for about 2 week, does the M-80s still impressed me as much as it did at CES, let’s see!


What is not to like about the look of the M-80s. That design is sexy. And if you read my review about the LP2s then you know the M-80 brings that same flavor but in a smaller footprint, or head print. The small size makes me think of the M-80 as the LP2 minis. It’s unique V shaped head cones stand out from the traditional round types, which is a pleasant departure and helps differentiate it for other headphones. Now while I’m normally a Royal Blue and Black man, the Red and Black does looks quite nice, so if your color is Red and Black, you should have these.

Also don’t forget like the LPs, you can purchase and install custom speaker tags for these headphones as well. So if the already unique design of the M-80s wasn’t enough for you, you can customize them even further and end up with something truly unique!


These headphones definitely display some big power in a little size. The V-MODA M-80 sounds great. I love my bass, so I always mention it first, and the M-80s do deliver. But not on just bass alone. The M-80 featured vibrant Bass, vivid Mids, vivacious Highs. With the BLISSâ„¢ Noise Isolation as well, nothing disturbed my music. It was great putting them on a crowded NYC train with people talking, preaching, and make other noise, but all I heard was my music.

I could hear the power of the bass, but the slight ting of a subtle note during music playback. I pride myself on hearing the faintest sounds in music, things I didn’t hear on first listen, and with the Crossfade M-80 I was able to hear this sounds clear and crisp.


The Crossfade M-80 makes a great pair of headphones for the everyday use. Their light weight when compared to the LP2s and pack in some great sound to boot. I especially love the noise cancellation as during a daily commute to and from work, I get to listen to my music and only my music. No outside interruptions while I’m in my zone.

Then there is of course the look, and yes it is a quite good looking pair of headphones. The M-80 does take a little to get use to at first, but that is only if you came from the LP2s or another pair of big headphones that went over the ears. But if you are coming fresh with no preference, then you should groove in just fine with these from day.

The V-MODA Crossfade M-80s go for about $230.00 (taken from V-MODA’s website), so they are up there in price, but there again V-MODA does make high quality headphones, so it is really up to you. Check them out and if you pick up a pair, let us know what you think!

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