Here is another case that X-Doria sent to me along with the Engage Form case that I reviewed a few days ago. This one is called the Cubit and just like the Engage Form, it features a unique design on the back. In fact, you could say that it features a unique design for every user out there as it would be almost impossible to think of the same pattern as someone else using the case. Let me explain. Cubit’s unique design lets you express your creative side. The colorful interchangeable TPU cubes let you customize your look while the shatter-proof polycarbonate shell protects your iPhone from scratches.

The Cubit includes these swapable little color cubes that you pop into the holes on the back of the case. There are 40 holes on the back of the case and 3 different color cubes which means there are almost an infinite amount of patters and designs you could come up with to make your design unique. The cubes are easy to pop in and are relatively quite secure once in and won’t pop back out easily. They are however easy to remove if you want to change your design again.

The case itself is fairly protective. It’s very similar in design to the Engage Form so it offers up about the same level of protection. The rear is better protected if you fill in all the holes but the front of the case offers up minimal protection from accidental drops if it were to land on its face. However, like I stated with the other X-Doria case, mane users out there really care more about the way the case looks rather than the actual protection it provides.

The X-Doria Cubit is available from their website for $24.99 which is a good price for a case that allows you to design something unique for yourself. Note that it does not come with any screen protectors.

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