The application everyone either loves or hates has hit the scene on the PS Vita. Apparently Netflix likes the PS Vita better then the Blackberry Playbook as they have shut them down of any hopes of a application but gave the OK for one on this lovely device. Looking at shows and movies mixed with the great OLED 5″ screen makes for a terrific watching experience.

At first start up it does takes a bit of time to load up I will say. Hopefully future releases can speed up the loading times. It has all your familiar categories you’re used to seeing on other Netflix enabled devices. You can select through these either by touching the screen arrows at the top and bottom or navigate with the D-Pad or Analog stick. If you prefer you can always use the Search option.

If you may or may not know, Netflix doesn’t work over the 3G connection based on the Vita’s 20MB data cap which is kind of crazy but I guess understandable if your only using a 250MB plan. You would most likely kill your plan instantly. It works fine over Wifi, I only got the buffering in the beginning then cleared up to crystal clear perfection (which you can see from the Iron Man 2 shots). I watched a couple movies on it without with the same quick results – Toy Story 3 and Tron Legacy. On a side note, it’s a bit sad that these two movies along with hundreds of others will be gone as they were part of the Starz Play deal Netflix had with them.

Netflix for PlayStation Vita is available now in the PlayStation Store.


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