One of my favorite all around mobile apps is available right now for the PlayStation Vita. If your not familiar with it, Foursquare is a app that you use to “check-in” to different locations and get points, badges and even some cool discounts on stuff. I’m a foursquare addict thanks to the head honcho of G Style Magazine here and use it daily.

The PS Vita version comes in about a little under 5MBs which is great because as you know these PS Vita memory card space is precious. The GPS is supposed to work best over 3G rather then WiFi but if you have a WiFi model like me it will make due. Testing it out with the Wifi it was able to pinpoint my locations pretty accurately compared to some I seen where it had them in another part of their state. Its snazzy and  responsive and more than I imagined for a 1st release. I’m however not a fan of how clicking a map point boots you out of the app and into the web browser instead. I hope this is something they work on. Other than that, it’s a cool app to check out.

Foursquare for PS Vita is available now in the PlayStation Store


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