“One song and one song only!” translates to a hot although comedic beginning of one of the most re-played songs in a concert on tour. If you haven’t been or seen the “Watch The Throne” Tour this music video gives you a peep at just how crazy the scene is at the concert. I have heard and seen posts of how many different ways they could’ve done the video but this Kanye West directed music video still does “N****s In Paris” justice and you can see just how much fun Jay-Z and Ye-We (Yea I went there) were having with the electrified crowd. The effects (There is a warning at the beginning of the video that the images my cause epileptic reactions) and cinematography are ridiculous. You will be depriving yourself if you don’t watch it in HD.

Some viewers didn’t like that it was live but if you pay attention even the live version was slightly remixed so I believe as a whole this was still a great video. The images and graphics were phenomenal but the icing on the cake was the image of Will Ferrell from “Blades of Glory” on the jumbo screen spittin’ the infamous response to John Heder‘s “You don’t even know what that means!”….WF: “No one knows what that means..It get’s the people goin’!” Enjoy the Throne live….& Paris is still bangin’ six months later, it’s a glorious occassion lol

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