Here’s another leak from Ryan Leslie’s video and studio recorded album “Les Is More” hopefully to be coming soon. As all of his in-studio sessions it continues to be entertaining to see him create blazerz. “5 Minute Freshen Up” which is a banger comes to life after like most creators of music records the idea and melody for the track on his cell phone and lays it down only as the one man band kid can. Because Ryan tries to keep close communications with his fans, he decides to add a little flava to one of his twitter followers day by inviting them via Twitter to come to the studio to be a part of his jam session.

I say if you going do it big do it big and bright. lol So the kid picks up a lucky fan by the name of Tali in a bright yellow Lamborghini from in front of her house with her fam and they cruise back to the studio. Not to leave her fam and friends out, they later show up at the studio and it turns into an extended “5 Minute Freshen Up” party up in the studio. So I can’t wait until this track is finished because this sounds like fiyah so before you involve yourself into that two-step be sure to “Freshen Up.”

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