So it has been a couple months since I’ve had this HTC Vivid and LTE speed. When i first purchased the Vivid LTE was not yet available in New York City. Fortunately it came about a month or so after and I have loved it since! I recently brought it with me to Las Vegas and it rocked, not only did i have a good connection but.i had speed too.

But here lies the issue. Since being on AT&T 4G LTE, I’ve been getting throttled before the end of my billing cycle ends. Last month it was 3 days before it ended, and this month 4 days before it has ended. The reason I’m being throttled is because I’m on a grandfathered unlimited data plan with AT&T. Apparently AT&T doesn’t want me having both unlimited data and fast data speeds, so I’ve being bullied into changing my plan. Yes bullied. On average over last year I’ve used about 1.23GB of data month. I had some spikes like in April 2011 I used 2.6GB…2.6GB and I didn’t get throttled. So last month when I got throttled what was my total for the month? 2.1GB and that was only because of the speed of LTE. I haven’t done anything extra since having LTE. Granted I use Spotify more, but the majority of that is used in offline mode while underground on the subway.

But again back to my point. I currently pay $30.00 a month for my unlimited data plan, and so far at this right moment I’m being throttled again, what is my current data usage? Only 2GB of data. So what is the point of having unlimited data if at around 2-2.1GB of usage I will be throttled to the speed you see in that image to the left above?

AT&T just came out with a new plan, for the same amount I’ve paying now, I would get 3GB of data for the month. This doesn’t seem to bad since having the HTC Vivid, last month and this month I’ve only used about 2-2.1GBs. So I should do fine with 3GB. And if they wont throttled me, I can enjoy a full billing cycle without having to see below 1Mbps of data speed. Now my billing cycle does end in 4 days, so my questions to you is, should I switch my plan or would you keep the unlimited? Help me out here and leave a comment.

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