These days, everyone hates wires.  It’s all about wireless connectivity these days and wireless devices. It’s no wonder that we also want wireless accessories that connect to our devices, but with wireless technology comes the fact that a lot of these accessories suck down a lot of power and usually at the cost of depleted batteries or time waster recharging them. Genius may have just solved that problem.

With the introduction of their new DX-ECO, Genius has figured out a way to remove the battery from the equation and instead, rely on a gold capacitor that will recharge the mouse in a matter of 3 minutes while being able to keep that charge for a full day of use. That is very impressive especially for such a short charge time and the price seems really good to at only $39.99.

Product Highlights of DX-ECO Battery-Free BlueEye Mouse

  • Battery free wireless mouse
  • Fully recharged within three minutes while using
  • Works on virtually every surface including dusted glass and marble
  • Fully Plug and Play
  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • Adjustable dpi – 800/1600 dpi
  • Travel friendly with storable 2.4GHz USB Pico receiver
  • MSRP: US$39.99
I would consider this mouse when looking for a good travel solution as most of us who travel rarely have time to wait for gear to charge. What’s the point of a wireless mouse if you can’t use it?

Press Release

January 18, 2012, Taipei, Taiwan – Genius, a leading maker of computer peripherals, announces the world’s first battery-free wireless mouse that is recharged within minutes - DX-ECO BlueEye Mouse.

Ready for a full day’s use after only a three-minute charge, the Genius DX-ECO uses a built-in gold capacitor with a long life of 100,000 recharges instead of outdated, environmentally unfriendly disposable batteries. Consumers no longer need to waste time and money whether on a PC or Mac when using DX-ECO. It’s ideal for government and corporations to provide a wireless mouse option that is not only cost-cutting but also hassle-free from controlling and resupplying batteries.

The DX-ECO BlueEye sensor technology allows for smooth, uninterrupted pointing and clicking on virtually any surface including dusted glass, marble, or thick carpet. Working wirelessly from a distance of up to 15 meters due to the 2.4GHz USB pico receiver, this innovative battery-free mouse can be used anywhere and everywhere. Even when on-the-go the tiny USB pico receiver can be stored inside the DX-ECO for safe keeping.

Featuring 4-way scrolling, adjustable dpi (800/1600 dpi), as well as next/previous page hot keys for more efficient web-surfing, the DX-ECO battery free blue-eye mouse also includes plug and play design and comfortable ergonomic construction.

Package Contents:

  • DX-ECO wireless mouse
  • USB pico receiver
  • CD driver
  • Micro USB rechargeable cable
  • Multi-language user’s manual
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