Just when you thought things couldn’t get any smaller and more convenient. Even though a lot of laptops have touchpads and people use them, there are a majority (myself included) that likes to use a mouse. Always when your traveling you need to have extra space to store that mouse. The Logitech Cube is so compact it can fit in the palm of your hand or your shirt pocket with ease.

Now a days you see these mice on the market that can do everything, have buttons all over for whatever crazy task you have. But at times you just want a nice click and point. The Cube has Logitech Flow Scroll technology which in a sense gives you a smooth transition. You just run your finger over the top of the device and it work just as a scroll wheel. Also is two buttons not visible to the eye. There is a left click in the front and a right click on the lower half.

The Cube is great for presentations. Lift it off the ground and your in “Presenter Mode”. You can click the Cube and it will take into slides which is great for office meetings and should be guaranteed to be a winner. Drop it in your shirt pocket and its business as usual.

One of my favorite features besides the form factor is it has a built in on/off switch. You only have it on when needed and do not need to worry about losing precious battery life that you get from some of these other mice.

The Logitech Cube has l USB-rechargeable lithium-polymer battery—and when you’re running low on juice, the low-battery light illuminates, eliminating surprises. The tiny Logitech Unifying® receiver connects up to six Unifying-compatible devices with a powerful, reliable wireless connection (up to 25 meters). It leaves your laptop with more usb space instead of having multiple spots being filled. The Logitech Cube I think would be great for presentations and even for traveling like on a plane. I don’t think you will use it for everyday long term usage.

Release date for the Logitech Cube will be later this month and pricing is $69.99. Its available for preorder right now at their Logitech Web Site.