Facebook Messenger, Google Talk, Google+, the list goes on. Samsung has decided to release their own cross platforming chat client set to rival some of the above popular mentioned chats as others like BBM, and iMessage. ChatOn has been out since October for Android, and now it allows for use with iOS expanding its user fan base tremendously.

ChatOn has one on one messaging and for groups. You can share pictures, take some, or even sketch one and put it on a nice sticky. ChatOn gives you the ability to share contacts, locations, voice notes, the list seems pretty good.

I can see this taking off with Samsung bundling this with all their devices and then those using it asking their friends to. The interface looks to be pretty friendly compared to others. We will see how it works in the long run.

Samsung spoke of adding support for Windows and Blackberry devices in the future. ChatOn is available in the Android Market and now in the Apple App Store.


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