Looks like Facebook for Android has decided to update itself yet again but this one actually brings some significant changes on board. With this we are getting a complete overhaul of the UI which allows you to reach everything from one page rather then navigating from page to page like before. FB looks like its trying to be the go to app for all your FB needs to hopefully tear you away from others like FriendCaster and such.

Now you have a menu button that gives you access to everything possible from your News Feed to their selective groups your in. I do like the search bar being there also and it actually working. Trying to do searches on the previous version whether it was for People or Pages(mostly this) was a task. Least now it updates as you type in it. Another cool thing is a lot of things are linked so you click on “Words with Friends” and it will take you to the app to continue playing (if your already using it). I love that your Notifications, Messages, Requests can be accessed from the middle at all times. The details of the pictures in my eyes look better also.

In my eyes this is one of the better updates I’d seen done to the native Facebook app in a long time and it welcomes a host of features that will be used and should been around before.

Facebook for Android update is available in the Android Market

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