Twitter is looking to make your social media life faster and more simple with a facelift of most of its website and its mobile apps. Their roll out seems to be similar to the last one they did last year where more people will see the update in the upcoming days & weeks.

Looks like another thing done is the addition of Enhanced Profile pages geared for business use. It features items as headers, banners, video. These pages may offer exclusive content to keep you coming back. I wondered how long it was going to take Twitter to release something like this or to what effect since advertising is about zero on there. They should be able to get up some revenue with this and others should follow. They are taking a Page “literally” from Facebook and Google+ and the way the companies have advertisements also.

Also they have updated their mobile apps on Apple and Android (left out in the cold is Blackberry).
Lets take a look at the mobile changes that have occurred.

Just looks to be a name change which is good. Sounds better then timeline and this shows your usual tweets, retweets, mentions, etc. You can still tweet, retweet, quote, favorite and share tweets.

This would be the new activity/mentions tab. Shows your Mentions, Interactions, new Followers, Retweets. There are options to alternate between the Interactions, and just Mentions. That is good to see.

Here you will find your trending topics, Who to follow, and where you can search for Keywords & Hashtags. I do think this is pretty cool as it will bring it up articles pertaining to what you just searched for and you still get your usual tweet search results.

The changes are welcome as I think I could adapt to this better prior to the older versions which I felt were all over the place at times. Within the browser and the mobile apps. The Mobile apps were non-exist to me for Blackberry and Android. They were missing so many key features that it always caused me to hit others like UberSoc, TweetCaster, and the great SocialScope. I can see myself using this more but all in due time.

As for the changes. Hopefully its all for the good as the last version(current for some) just was a mess at times with the in and out changes with or without notifications. The tabs and buttons everywhere. Looks like they have cleaned up their act. Let the social media wars continue.

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