AT&T finally turned up their LTE 4G network and I for one am loving it. Having such speed is allowing me to have such fun with my phone right now. If you haven’t picked up an LTE yet, I thought I’d  give you a list of the top things I like to do with my LTE smartphone. You can do, or share your favorites things with us in the comments. So here it is.

1. Check in to Foursquare venues super fast, instead of being a process. Check in and done in 3 seconds!

2. Check all my social networks in a flash, since the refresh times is so quick.

3. Listen to music via Spotify with almost zero load time while on the go.

4. Watch a movie via Netflix, and have no interruption and a super crispy clean image.

5. Share pictures on my various social networks without waiting for it to finish uploading.

6. Really take advantage of Evernote since creating and syncing a new note takes no time at all.

7. Upload posts to my site with media in way less time than it has taken in the past, using the WordPress app.

8. Surf the web with blazing fast load times.

9. Read articles quicker using Pulse, since it doesn’t take as long to load all my RSS feeds.

10. Download apps from the Android Market in half the time as before, which means I don’t mind doing while out and about.

Bonus – Cry as you watch that battery get sucked away. Better get yourself a charger case or keep your power adapter handy!

So how about you? Do you pick up an AT&T LTE phone or device yet? Or have you already own a Verizon Wireless LTE device, what stop do you do with that great speed?

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