My Xbox Live is the app every Xbox 360 fan has been waiting for from Microsoft. Unlike other Xbox Live apps we’ve seen in the past, this one is an official Microsoft made product and it really shows. With its slick Metro inspired user interface that really displays the look and feel of the new Xbox 360 Dashboard, no Xbox 360 owner should go without downloading this. Microsoft spared no expense when it came to features on this app. There are only 3 pages of information in the app but each is filled to the brim with your Xbox Live info. The app will allow you to view the spotlight articles, check out all the social aspects of Xbox Live, and view all your games and achievements you’ve earned. You’ll even be able to customize your avatar through the app.

Let’s start off with the the user interface. My Xbox Live features the familiar Metro UI that Microsoft is known for on their mobile platforms. It’s made it way over the the Xbox 360 Dashboard now and the new iOS app reflects this as well. It’s very clean and features a lot of white but it definitely reflects the new user experience. There are only 3 tabs in the app that you can swipe between and they are the Home tab, Social tab, and Games tab. We’ll look at those in a bit. Back to the user interface, Microsoft even added in some official Xbox 360 sounds to My Xbox Live in order to give it some more character.

In the Home tab, this is where all the Xbox 360 exclusive news is. These are usually the things you see on your Dashboard, just in a more compressed form. The app just shows you the highlights and not every piece of news that is on your Dashboard. There also doesn’t seem to be any of the usual ads you see on the Dashboard either.

The social tab is where some of you will probably spend most of your time in the app. From here, you’ll be able to see a brief summary of your Xbox Live status. You can also check out your friends list and see who is online, offline, and who wants to friend you. You’ll be able to click on each friend and check out their profile as well. From the Social tab, you’ll also be able to view all your Xbox Live messages as well as set beacons for games your are playing.  One bonus feature in the app that I find neat is that you’ll be able to customize your avatar from here as well which is fun for those who like to constantly switch up what they look like on Live.

In the Games tab, this is where all your gaming related information is. It shows all the games you’ve played, how many achievements you have unlocked for each, and clicking on each game reveals more detailed information about each achievement and how much they are worth as well as which you have unlocked.

My Xbox Live is definitely a full featured app. Microsoft seriously did their work on this app and didn’t cut any corners when it came to bring us an authentic Xbox Live experience on an iOS device. There can do pretty much everything you’d be able to do from but now you’ll no longer need to go there. You can even adjust your privacy settings from the app which is very helpful. What I like about the app is that almost all relevant and import information is on there regarding your account account.  This is the standard that other game console manufacturers should follow for an online service and the type of things we expect, especially since Xbox Live is a paying service. I really feel like I am getting more than my monies worth now with Xbox Live.

My Xbox Live is available from the App Store for free. It is a universal app and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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