I am not too big on music streaming apps. Yes, I’ve tried Google Music, Spotify; etc but for me nothing takes the place of a good old fashioned CD or the native music app my iPod. So when I was asked to review MyStream, by ADEV Inc., a few months ago it was a little out of sorts for me. Since it’s inception MyStream has undergone several updates and I now find myself using it more often than not.

MyStream is a mobile to mobile social community that allows it’s users to share (Non DRM Protected) audio files wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Like other music streaming apps it’s eliminates the need to carry around a splitter or share your ear buds. However, It is unique in the fact that it promotes “instant” purchasing.

Streamers can listen to any song in their playlist using a custom player. This allows other Streamers in the network to connect and listen to the same song in real-time. Each audio file streamed is accompanied with a Buy button that directly connects the listener to iTunes Store affording them the ability to purchase the audio file in it’s entirety and store on their device instantly.

Within the apps private network you have the ability to share songs NOW PLAYING in real-time, create and share personal profiles, set permissions, create, arrange and share custom MyStream playlists referred to as MyPlaylists. In the event you don’t like the song or audio file a user is currently playing you have the option to continue to poke around and listen to any of the other clips or entire songs that they chose to share.

MyStream did prove itself helpful during our music reviewing process here in the GStyle offices. Normally, the time spent sending each other music files and deciding which one to post or who should post it is nothing short of an “experience.” With MyStream we created, arranged and shared custom MyPlaylists. It lets you share 90 second clips of any audio file included in your MyPlaylist tab. If you need more than 90 seconds, you can also select up to 10 songs within MyPlaylist to be your “TOP TEN”. These Top Ten songs can be streamed in their entirety which is very useful when you find a grove while listening.

MyStream is compatible with iOS 4.2 and higher and updates continuously with new features and benefits for enhanced user experience. It is currently available in the iTunes app store for free and a future release is projected to be priced at around $2.99.

MyStream claims to be the Next Revolution in Music Experience and Exposure, do you agree ? I think they are well on their well and for FREE what’s the harm in trying it out?

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