Man what a November we had. This was a good month for us here at G Style. Not only did we review our first car ever on the site with the Lincoln MKS, but we did it twice! Over the Thanksgiving holiday I got to borrow the Lincoln MKX. So from Thursday to Sunday I drove around getting a feel for the car. Let’s have a look at what I thought below shall we.

Let’s be clear here, the Lincoln MKX is a nice looking SUV. To me if is the more gangsta of the two (MKX vs MKS). The styling was very slick on this car and the color I had Earth Metallic is a color that looks bad ass. I would have never thought of a color like that, but it did make the car pop. I notice quite a few people checking out the color when I was driving along 5th Avenue, and it seemed to be making a statement. I had quite a few people stop and talk to me about it when I was double parked for my Where’s Mr. G Style giveaways.

Driving the Lincoln MKX was great, and after using it for fours day, I really didn’t want to give it back. It was a slow drive back to the dealership as I tried to think of some excuse why I still needed the car lol. Now there was some bad, and that was the same issue I had with the MKS. I think they need to tune down the sensitivity of that alert when you get too close to other cars. I’m pretty sure if I took the time to look for it, I could of did that myself, so take this as a me being lazy rant lol.

The MKX had good acceleration, and it was definitely comfortable. My daughter loved the Panoramic Vista Roof, she couldn’t get enough of it. Every time I tried to close it, she requested it be left open. Any parent out there, take note this could be a easy way to keep your child entertained while on the go.

Like the MKS, the Lincoln MKX has a nice collection of cool features like Sync by Microsoft and THX Certified audio system. Unlike the MKS, the MKX I had didn’t have a DVD player which kind of suck, as I was looking forward to trying out Tron Legacy in it as well. Other than that I connected my new HTC Vivid to the MKX via Bluetooth and like with the Motorola DROID RAZR and the MKS it worked flawlessly.

Sound was excellent like the MKS, and the bass was great. I love a sound system with good bass, and yes the MKX definitely had that. I also used the in car Navigation and it for ok for the most part, but I’m definitely a Google Navigation’s man. I don’t understand why Google just doesn’t license this software out to car makers. I would love to see a car with in car navigation that use an Google Maps/Navigation overlay. When can I get that, Lincoln look into that!

Overall the Lincoln MKX I had was a good ride, the car I had would run you a little over $50,000 and it feels luxurious. I kept getting asked which did I like better the MKS or the MKX. That my friends is a tough call. I’m literally dead stuck in the middle. Both cars were great, and if I really had to choose, if I was really force to make a decision, then I’m slightly leaning towards the MKX. The MKX just had that gangsta vibe to it which I liked.

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