If you happen to be in the Northern states in the winter time you know it gets pretty cold and there are times you want to be able to be on your touchscreen device but wearing gloves the screen wouldn’t recognize your fingers. The E-Tip Gloves by The North Face can help in those times of need. No more having to remove your gloves, get frostbite and then throw them back on.

The North Face E-Tip Gloves have a x-static fabric on the index finger and thumb of each pair of gloves you can use your touch sensitive devices such as your cell, mp3 player, tablet without issue. I would say they make take a little getting used to if your accustomed to taking your gloves all the time as I was. Also the gloves have silicone grip pattern on palm to have a nice grip on your device.

The North Face E-Tip Gloves are available in three colors(gray,blue, & white) for $40 at TNF online store E-Tip Gloves and various other retailers. Sizes range from XS to XL. Also there is a women’s version, and thicker pairs to suit your needs.

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